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Retail Analytics

Loss Prevention To Reduce Shrink

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Reduce Preventable Loss Across All Channels

Years of digital transformation and an ever-expanding omnichannel landscape have made multi-store loss prevention and asset protection more complex than ever. Increases in customer conveniences have also unintentionally introduced margin leaks.

Get a grip on all your data with an analytics platform designed to minimize total retail loss. Keep your KPIs front and center and use data to preserve customer satisfaction without losing sight of what’s happening across your stores.

Reduce Shrinkage
  • Detect internal and external theft
  • Increase compliance of line voids, price overrides, and discounting
  • Take control of inventory discrepancies, not-on-files, and out-of-stocks and maintain supplier accountability
Increase Upsell
  • Analyze purchasing behaviors and grow basket size
  • Drive up in-store sales with your BOPIS and BORIS customers
  • Identify underperforming and high achieving stores
Improve Labor Productivity
  • Make the most of your limited labor force
  • Eliminate time spent reading countless reports
  • Identify problems quickly and find solutions faster than ever
Decrease Margin Erosion
  • Gain a complete picture of all your stores' sales and operations
  • Dig into your promotions, discounts, pricing, and more
Optimize the Omnichannel
  • Keep your KPIs front and center
  • Use data to preserve customer satisfaction without losing site of what's happening across your stores
Fine-Tune Operations
  • Use data-driven insights to influence policy and process improvements
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience and the safety of both customers and staff

Measurable Results. Fast ROI.

Cutting-edge loss prevention teams are expanding their purview beyond traditional theft and fraud to tackle retail loss in all its forms – in the store, online in e-commerce sites, and at the corporate office. With Agilence, our clients can easily pinpoint concerns about preventable losses and quickly prescribe a solution.

Jim Mires and Jo Wiley of Sally Beauty explain how they're catching instances of margin-erosion faster and working across departments to maximize value.
Joe Anderson from Duluth Trading talks about why it was important to pick an "agile" reporting tool for their employees. He also shares how Agilence has impacted their customer experience at the store level.
Chris Logel from Shoe Station speaks to their ROI of Agilence, specifically when it comes to Coupon Fraud. He also discusses the ease of use when it comes to making edits to reports.
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Build Your LP Strategy

Retail loss prevention must be grounded in strategy and fine-tuned as it matures. Selecting the right tools and knowing when to collaborate are important steps towards achieving measurable results. To get you started, we’ve outlined 10 Steps to Building a Successful Retail Loss Prevention Strategy.

Agilence helped our team to become more efficient and profitable. We couldn't be happier with Agilence and the expertise of the Agilence team.
Kim Auman-Fanning Avatar
Kim Auman-Fanning
Director of Loss Prevention
The Agilence team is simply the best. They are always willing to help and share their knowledge.
Jennifer Zervas Avatar
Jennifer Zervas
Loss Prevention Manager
Agilence has by far been the best vendor I have worked with in my career. We've accomplished a lot together and had a lot of fun doing it.
Matt Hutchinson Avatar
Matt Hutchinson
Asset and Revenue Management Manager

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Goodbye, shrink. Hello, profits.

See how we help companies reduce shrink and improve margins by reducing preventable loss with data & analytics.