Restaurant Analytics

Loss Prevention to Reduce Shrink & Improve Margins

Protect your Profits From Preventable Loss

Every restaurant experiences some level of loss – fraud, theft, waste, compliance issues, and inefficient processes that eat into margins and hurt profitability.  Restaurant loss prevention strategies involve addressing these issues as they occur and taking steps to prevent them in the future.  

For your restaurant, the line between profit and loss is razor-thin.  Protect your hard-won profits using data analytics to automatically flag activities indicating preventable loss, all while improving margins, increasing sales, and ensuring a consistent customer experience.


Improve Margins, Increase Sales, and Reduce Loss

Identify Fraud and Theft

  • Detect internal theft by automatically flagging suspicious voids, transfers, and comps
  • Flag indicators of external theft like gift card fraud and promotion abuse
  • Confirm suspicious behavior with video of the transaction

Control Food Costs

  • Compare food cost trends to item sales to identify variances
  • Use food cost data to assist with menu engineering and pricing to maximize margins
  • Monitor employee meals and other comp'd items for out-of-policy discounting

Improve Labor Productivity

  • Compare employee performance metrics to identity high and underperformers
  • Revise hiring and training practices to minimize turn-over costs
  • Analyze sales by day, channel, and daypart to optimize scheduling

Ensure Manager Follow-up

  • Identify recurring problems and define potential causes and acceptable follow-up
  • Validate that every issue has been appropriately addressed in the field

Maximize Sales and Margins

  • Track the success of limited-time offers (LTOs) and other promotions
  • Increase order size with targeted upsell techniques

Fine-Tune Speed of Service

  • Streamline ordering, cash handling, cook times, and payment processes to reduce wait times
  • Set realistic goals and tailor training and processes to the needs of the business

Measurable Results. Fast ROI.

Cutting-edge loss prevention teams are expanding their purview beyond traditional theft and fraud to tackle restaurant loss in all its forms. With Agilence, our clients can easily pinpoint concerns about preventable losses and quickly prescribe a solution.


Cutting Case time in Half while Doubling Fraud Recovery

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Preventing LTO Scams, Gift Card Fraud, and Meal Abuse

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Controlling Loss in over 300 Different Brands

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Restaurant Loss Prevention Strategy

Build Your LP Strategy

Whether you run an established chain or an up-and-coming restaurant, ignoring preventable sources of profit loss can derail the outlook of any business. A successful restaurant LP strategy revolves around two things:

  • A data-centric approach to understanding your main sources of profit loss
  • A detailed action plan that breeds targeted analysis, follow-through, and communication

Selecting the right tools and knowing when to collaborate are important steps towards achieving measurable results. To get you started, we’ve outlined 9 Steps to Building an Efficient Restaurant Loss Prevention Plan.

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About Agilence Analytics

Every day, Agilence analyzes over 24 million transactions for our customers, transforming data into insights, and insights into actions. Prebuilt reports and dashboards, predictive analytics, automated alerts, and prescriptive resolution plans ensure timely detection, communication, and action. In this way, retailers are uncovering operational inefficiencies, increasing automation, and ultimately driving profits back into their businesses.

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It made a lot of sense to leverage our transaction-rich data originating in our POS system with Agilence's data analytics platform.  We reached out to both companies and were happy that they were able to create a seamless integration between both technologies.

Robert Notte

Mod Pizza

Very rarely have we encountered a vendor who met all deliverables and expectations on time and as expected.  Agilence will give our team insights into day-to-day operations allowing us to identify real opportunities for success.  This is what we've been missing and it's incredibly refreshing to work with a company that is actually there for us.

JoAnn Yoder

Brumit Restaurant Group

It’s so simple to use and so easy to drill down to the detail level in a café, that other departments like marketing have begun to think of creative ways to use Agilence.

Jeff Levitt

Panera Bread

We were happy using a competitive product, but when we first met the Agilence team they made us feel like family, which is something we’ve never experienced from a vendor before.

Charlotte Ayers

Hy-Vee Market Grill