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Pharmacy Analytics

Agilence Data and Analytics Reporting


Agilence Helps Pharmacies

Track Events & Inventory

Gain insights into script events by store, patient, doctor, drug, employee, and more. Combine script events with inventory manipulation to identify potential diversion activities.

Monitor Compliance

Automatically monitor all prescription data and compare it against DEA, State, and supplier policies to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of significant fines and even loss of license.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce refill time, improve order fulfillment, and optimize workflows to increase team productivity and opportunities for diversion, all while elevating the customer experience.

Powerful Pharmacy Data Analytics & Reporting

Agilence empowers pharmacies to easily connect the dots within their business by automatically collecting and analyzing data to identify anomalies and trends that can improve operations and reduce shrink.

Agilence provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster and improving profit margins across the enterprise.

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What We Do Best

Monitor high-risk items

Leverage industry regulations and your own business benchmarks to gain visual insight into potential risk factors.

Detect & Prevent Drug Diversion

Automate your diversion programs by analyzing anomalies and suspicious patterns with enterprise-wide visibility.

Remain Compliant at All Levels

Protect patient information while comparing prescription data to DEA, state, and supplier standards with automatic alerts.

Track Controlled Substances

Track the authorized prescribers and dispensers of highly-regulated drugs across multiple stores and states.

Data Analytics and Reporting Built For You

Create Freely Without SQL

Users of any level can create reports, dashboards, queries, or alerts with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Award-Winning Support

U.S.-based customer support that provides in-depth product training and application support.

Prescriptive Alerts

Automated notifications based on user-defined triggers with customized workflows to manage user compliance.

Industry Leading Data Security

Our commitment to the security, integrity, & availability of your data is the backbone of our success.

The Agilence services team goes over the top to help us out.
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Karla Hutchinson
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