Operations Analytics

Reducing Shrink and Margin Erosion Throughout the Enterprise

Streamlining Operations Improves Profitability

Detailed analyses of transactions, inventory, wait times, buying behaviors, loyalty programs, and staff performance are leading forward-thinking companies to combine their loss prevention and operations data.  The combination reveals previously unknown areas for improvements and opens the door for new strategies to reduce shrink and improve efficiency across retail, restaurant, and grocery businesses.  

Agilence empowers operators to work smarter, not harder by adopting a wholistic approach to identifying exceptions and sales-reducing activities, all while staying compliant and identifying opportunities to increase sales, improve customer experience, and boost operational efficiency.





Make the most of your limited labor force by streamlining workflows, implementing automation, and expanding self-service.  Refocus your staff on activities that increase sales and provide better customer experiences.  Optimize employee training to ensure compliance. 



Overseeing multi-store operations is more complex than ever. Combine data from POS, eCommerce, inventory, video and alarm, case management, and employee tracking systems for a comprehensive view of your locations and employee performance.    

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Analyze purchasing behaviors to grow transaction size.  Improve the performance of your loyalty programs and dig into your promotions, discounts, pricing, and more.  Drive up in-store sales with your BOPIS and BORIS customers. 

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Find ways to lessen complexity in your store or restaurant operations.  Reduce non-selling and error-prone activities by streaming processes.  Keep your inventory under control and reduce shrink from fraud, theft, and damage. 

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Reducing Non-selling Activities and Manual Reporting

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Sally Beauty

Maximizing LP Technology Investments for Operations

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Neiman Marcus

Partnership Between LP and Ops Uncovers Valuable Insights

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Why Agilence?

Agilence provides the tools and resources you need to combat loss, improve operational health, and maximize performance. Agilence’s Analytics Platform helps your teams increase compliance, reduce shrink, and find operational efficiencies.  

Our platform combines the power of exception-based reporting,  analytics, and machine learning to help loss prevention, asset protection, and operations teams maximize their impact on the profitability of the business. Prebuilt reports and dashboards, predictive analytics, automated alerts, and prescriptive resolution plans ensure timely detection, communication, and action. 

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