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Operate at peak efficiency.

Move away from manual processes with data trapped in spreadsheets.  Deliver powerful data-driven insights to better identify process inefficiencies, customer purchasing trends, employee productivity, and merchandising strategies.  


Our data analytics and reporting platform creates incredible opportunities for operations leaders, their regional managers, and their store managers to leverage analytics to make better decisions, faster.  



Data Analytics for Operations


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Track metrics like upselling, promotion execution, and customer throughput against labor to inform profitable decisions.  Leverage operational data to identify indicators of risk and explain variances in performance.  

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Easily compare location, regional, and even associate performance. Fully understand how multiple variables affect revenue and make effective decisions to improve overall performance.

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Ensure your team stays informed of the most important events happening throughout your business as they occur with automated alerts and closed-loop workflows delivered directly to their tablet or mobile device.

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Gain insights into overtime, sales by employee or team, and sales per labor hour help retailers control labor costs and identify training opportunities to maximize productivity and profits.

Get real results. Fast.

Don't leave operational efficiency to chance.  Manage multiple complex factors simultaneously, with visibility into key metrics. Use simple yet powerful analytics to deliver data-driven insights to key decision-makers.

See how Agilence helped enhance operations analytics and deliver key insights to decision-makers in these four examples:

One Agilence customer saw a total of $12 million in annual savings attributed to uncovering operational inefficiencies using Agilence.  Reducing price overrides yielded a $123k margin increase over just 30 days.  Identified and reduced promotion abuse by 40% enterprise-wide in the first year after implementation. Reduced inventory shrink by approximately 1% within the first year of using Agilence.

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Using Agilence, one grocery chain revealed nearly $64,000 in bag purchases that were not rung into the POS in just 30-days across all California locations. This could amount to over $750,000 in additional profits annually. Improved regulatory compliance helps the enterprise avoid preventable fines and
protects their license to sell to WIC, EBT, and food stamps program users. For the organization mentioned above, these transactions make up approximately 5-20% of total grocery transactions at any given time.

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Utilizing the granular reporting of Agilence, one of America's leading fast-food chains measured the drive-thru experience time for each location and found that the average was 242 seconds (or just over 4 minutes). They also found that 5 or more cars were in the queue during 10.1% of all transactions across all locations. By pinpointing operational issues at the slowest locations, analysts determined that they could reduce the average drive-thru experience to 220 seconds, saving 22 seconds per car on average.  Achieving this goal would allow operators to serve 11 cars in the same amount of time it had previously taken to serve 10 cars, and free up space in the queue for an additional car.  Increasing the average drive-thru speed of service revealed the opportunity to increase sales by approximately $275,000 in just 30 days ($3.3 million annualized).

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Improving labor efficiency is a consistent goal for grocery and supermarket operators.  Find out how 3 grocers are using Agilence to improve labor metrics and cashier efficiency.

  • A grocer experiencing poor in-stock conditions and low service levels across 200+ locations.
  • A supermarket chain with an unusual surge in "Not on File" errors across 150+ locations.
  • A national supermarket brand that wanted to compare the pros and cons of eliminating manager overrides by quantifying the impact of the delay in service they caused.

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Agilence for Operations

Why Agilence?

Agilence provides the tools and resources you need to manage every aspect of your businesses operations.  Easily track metrics like Gross Margin, Turnover Rate, Sell-Thru Rate, Average Purchase or Order Value, Units Per Transaction, Sales to Date, and more with an intuitive User Interface, drag-and-drop Query Engine, click-to-drill Reports, customized Dashboards, and Prescriptive Alerts. 

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