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Data Analytics & Reporting

Data-Driven Insights that Drive Action and Improve Marketing ROI...

Gut instinct marketing simply doesn't cut it in today's competitive landscape.  To be a data-driven marketer, you need access to all of the marketing data you care about, the ability to turn that data into action, and the power to demonstrate marketing's contribution to the bottom-line.  

Agilence can help marketing professionals make the most of their data and measure the effectiveness of their efforts.  It's intuitive enough that users don't need a PhD in data science to use Agilence, but powerful enough to meet your department's unique challenges and answer your hardest questions.

Marketing Data Analytics


Loyalty and rewards tracking


Harness a vast array of customer purchasing data and loyalty analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customer buying behavior and program effectiveness.

Enhance Promotions-1


Track the success of historical advertising and promotional campaigns to optimize future efforts and substantially increase return on promotional dollars spent.

Coupon and Discount Analytics


Easily calculate coupon or discount adoption, performance, and ROI to identify customer buying patterns, find ways to optimize future campaigns, and attribute sales to marketing efforts.



Compile transactional data to build customer profiles and better understand buying habits.  Use these insights to build a strategic marketing plan backed by real data.

Some Real Results...

Improving promotion, discount, and loyalty program performance requires a flexible data analytics platform that can turn your historical data into actionable insights.  Agilence provides a simple yet powerful view into these and more metrics to deliver data-driven insights to key decision-makers and drive better business outcomes.  

See how Agilence can help enhance your marketing analytics and deliver key insights to decision-makers in these four examples:

Shoe Carnival has improved their customer experience and program reputation by using Agilence to gain a better understanding of their loyal customers and rewards members. The ability to target specific customers has increased sales and promotional effectiveness. With Agilence providing newfound visibility into the Shoe Perks program, other departments have begun turning to it's simplified reporting for increased visibility into other functional areas as well.

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Using Agilence's comparative dashboards and reporting, one retailer determined that their seasonal "$ Off" promotion produced $300K more revenue in sales opportunities than a comparable "% Off" promotion. They also determined that eliminating the underperforming promotion could further increase the effectiveness of the more successful promotion.

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With the creation of a hyper-targeted Discount Dashboard in Agilence, Rack Room Shoes team members have been able to pinpoint problem areas within their policies and procedures that needed to be altered or clarified. For example, employee discounts were being extended well beyond the immediate families of their employees and military discounts were stretching out well beyond the program plan and budget. By addressing these issues, Rack Room will have an opportunity to add nearly $1.3 million back to the bottom line annually.

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A specialty retailer running multiple promotions, loyalty rewards, and discounts at the same time and wanted to know how these were affecting profits.  After some investigating, they discovered that their POS system was applying total order rewards discounts after all other discounts even though best practices dictate that line item discounts should be applied after total order discounts.   The investigation revealed that taking the % coupon before the $ coupon added an extra $405K back to the company's bottom line in just 2 months - nearly $2.5M annually.

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Why Agilence?

Agilence provides the tools and resources you need to create a marketing strategy that's backed by data and improve marketing ROI.  Agilence's marketing functionality helps your teams easily manipulate and analyze data to create understandable reports that drive results.

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