Agilence For Finance.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Gain a Complete View of Financial Performance...

Break free from manual processes trapped in spreadsheets and utilize modern technology and powerful analytics to provide valuable insights into enterprise performance.  Bring together disparate, complex data sources to efficiently provide analysis and reporting, and securely share the information that fuels business strategy.

Agilence helps financial professionals gain a clear view across siloed enterprise data to find new ways to reduce costs and increase profitability.  With the actionable insights provided by Agilence, users can better understand profitability and processes to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Data Analytics for Finance


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Easily sort financial and transactional data by region, location, product, or associate to gain a better understanding of performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Gain a deeper understanding of your business's revenue, pricing trends, and product margins.  Use powerful analytics to provide the financial reporting and strategic advice needed to make strategic decisions.

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Give your finance teams the power of sophisticated analytics for advanced forecasting, budgeting, and planning.  Create effective, data-driven strategies to save money and improve profits.

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Combine audit, risk, and compliance data all in one place to make it easy to flag suspicious activity, identify fraud, and alert stakeholders before it's too late.

Some Real Results...

Finance departments must deliver timely, accurate, and actionable insights in order for businesses to thrive.  They must monitor revenue and profitability to support a healthy financial balance within their company.  In order to do this effectively, they require an easy-to-use yet powerful analytics solution.

See how Agilence can deliver key insights to financial decision-makers in these four examples:

Each night a manager at one of Kirkland’s 400+ stores was spending 15-20 minutes on sales audit, a function that isn’t always their core competency. By factoring in the time spent by the managers plus the unnecessary costs of printing nightly reports, Byron Coleman was able to show that the cost of Agilence would pay for itself in approximately a year – just based on improving the sales audit process alone. Now the job of 400+ people could be handled by one person in the home office and the 15-20 minutes of administrative work in the stores could be reallocated to selling activities.

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Agilence quickly and easily identified potential fraudulent behavior and provided field users with detailed transaction-level data to investigate and resolve the issues, making it an ideal asset protection solution. Agilence’s intuitive user interface nearly eliminated the need for IT involvement, freeing the IT department to focus on growth and core activities. Along with this, the ability of Agilence to integrate with any data source has allowed departments like operations, merchandising, and finance to gain valuable insights from the application.

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Utilizing the granular reporting of Agilence, one of America's leading fast-food chains measured the drive-thru experience time for each location and found that the average was 242 seconds (or just over 4 minutes). They also found that 5 or more cars were in the queue during 10.1% of all transactions across all locations. By pinpointing operational issues at the slowest locations, analysts determined that they could reduce the average drive-thru experience to 220 seconds, saving 22 seconds per car on average.  Achieving this goal would allow operators to serve 11 cars in the same amount of time it had previously taken to serve 10 cars, and free up space in the queue for an additional car.  Increasing the average drive-thru speed of service revealed the opportunity to increase sales by approximately $275,000 in just 30 days ($3.3 million annualized).

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Improving labor efficiency is a consistent goal for grocery and supermarket operators.  Find out how 3 Agilence customers are using data analytics to improve labor metrics and cashier efficiency.

  • A grocer experiencing poor in-stock conditions and low service levels across 200+ locations.
  • A supermarket chain with an unusual surge in "Not on File" errors across 150+ locations.
  • A national supermarket brand that wanted to compare the pros and cons of eliminating manager overrides by quantifying the impact of the delay in service they caused.

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Why Agilence?

Agilenceis easy to integrate, implement, and upgrade.  It empowers end-users throughout the business to become self-sufficient with powerful yet easy-to-use data analytics and reporting functionality.  Built for the cloud and backed by industry expertise, Agilence provides a faster time-to-value than other data analytics tools, with many of our customers achieving ROI during, or shortly after implementation.

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