Agilence For Executive Leadership.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Gain Control with a Complete View of your Business Data...

As a leader in your organization, you need more than individual reports and fragmented views of business performance.  You need to see all of the metrics that matter to you in one place to really understand the big picture and with Agilence, you can. 

Agilence allows c-level and other top executives to gain a bird's-eye view of their business, freeing them from the traditional bottleneck of manual reporting. Connect your disparate data sources and easily transform data into actionable insights to inform your own decisions, but also to empower decision-makers at every level of the business to customize, organize, and visualize information in ways that make sense to them.

Data Analytics for Executive Team Members


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Keep corporate goals front and center by ensuring your workforce is always focusing on what matters most.  Align your organization to increase revenue & improve business outcomes.

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Compare performance by region, location, department, associate, SKU, and more. Data can easily be queried and displayed visually to provide a full picture of enterprise-wide performance.

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Easily integrate with data feeds from your Point of Sale (POS), HR, financial reporting, inventory, and other business systems – with no additional hardware or personnel required.

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Empower decision-makers at every level with personalized dashboards and automated alerts to track opportunities, flag problems, spot trends, and monitor progress.

Some Real Results...

Run your business more effectively with the information you need available at your fingertips when you need it.  Agilence empowers decision-makers at every level of the organization to make better decisions, faster.

See how Agilence can help enhance analytics and deliver key insights to decision-makers in these four examples:

This specialty retailer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, lost $300K in a single department in just 2 months because of a ballooning shrink issue attached to a "gift with purchase" promotion. If the trend were to continue through the remainder of the year, the enterprise could lose $1.8 million.  Using Agilence, business leaders recognized that the "gift with purchase" promotions was being rung incorrectly by cashiers across the country due to improper training. Store managers were required to retrain cashiers to scan the product, then fully discounted.

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Each night a manager at one of Kirkland’s 400+ stores was spending 15-20 minutes on sales audit, a function that isn’t always their core competency. By factoring in the time spent by the managers plus the unnecessary costs of printing nightly reports, Byron Coleman was able to show that the cost of Agilence would pay for itself in approximately a year – just based on improving the sales audit process alone. Now the job of 400+ people could be handled by one person in the home office and the 15-20 minutes of administrative work in the stores could be reallocated to selling activities.

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With Agilence providing newfound visibility into the Loss Prevention and Promotions, other departments have begun turning to it's simplified reporting for increased
visibility into other functional areas like Operations, eCommerce, HR, and Sales Audit as well.

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The results of switching to Agilence were almost instant, as the Asset Protection team became more efficient at identifying and correcting issues. During the first year of use, their team became significantly more efficient at isolating and resolving root causes of loss.

The success that Asset Protection has seen with Agilence has spread to other departments within the organization as
well. Today there are over 500 active users of the data analytics application from multiple departments including Legal, Internal Audit, Store Front End, and the Operations Field Team.

Some of these departments have adopted Agilence to replace their own internal software solutions. The Front End team
is responsible for monitoring and balancing daily POS activities such as refunds, coupon usage, postage stamp purchases, and charitable donations. To do this they used to use a homegrown solution, but when the Asset Protection team introduced them to Agilence, they decided to replace their own solution with the one from Agilence.

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Agilence for Loss Prevention

Why Agilence?

Agilence provides the tools and resources needed to effectively display data from different platforms and departments, while allowing users to drill-down into specific needs so that leaders can run their organizations more efficiently.

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