Putting Restaurant Data To Work

Data Analytics and Reporting

20/20 is Built to Help Restaurant Operators...

Optimize Sales

Optimize Sales

Slice and dice sales data to quickly identify how your restaurants are doing and what to do next.  Increase order sizes and address performance issues early so you can react before they affect the bottom line.


Enhance Promotions

Boost Promotions

Track the success of advertising and promotional campaigns to substantially increase return on promotional dollars spent. Quickly identify promotion abuse and misuses.


Improve Profits

Improve Profits

For restaurant operators, the line between profit and loss is razor thin.  Improve profits by controlling food costs, stopping theft, lowering expenses, and increasing sales and margins.


Limited Service

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What We Do Best

Labor Efficiency

Optimize Sales & Labor Efficiency

Perform day-part analysis or break down sales by revenue center to pinpoint when extra staffing is crucial.


Analyze Performance & Set Goals

Index reports let you combine your most important restaurant operations metrics and display them based on corporate KPIs.


One Screen for All of Your Data

Standard integration to your HR, store, item, NVR, and credit card information.

Suspicious Activity

Eliminate Suspicious Activity

Our automated alert-engine appropriate parties of suspicious activities and includes a closed-loop workflow.

District Manager DB 2 iPad

Data Analytics and Reporting Built For You

All Data

Integrate & Analyze All of Your Data

Easily consolidate data from your POS, eComm, HR, financial reporting, inventory, and other mission-critical systems.


Prescriptive Alerts

Automated notifications triggered by user-defined monitors with customized workflows to manage user compliance.

Data Security

Industry Leading Data Security

Our commitment to the security, integrity, & availability of your data is the backbone of our success.

Award Winning

Award Winning Support

U.S.-based customer support that provides in-depth product raining and application support. 

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What Our Customers Have to Say

It’s so simple to use and so easy to drill down to the detail level in a café, that other departments like marketing have begin to think of creative ways to use 20/20

Jeff Levitt

Panera Bread

We were happy using a competitive product, but when we first met the Agilence team they made us feel like family, which is something we’ve never experienced from a vendor before

Charlotte Ayers

Hy-Vee Market Grill

The Agilence team made it feel like they were putting all of their time and effort into our project, which made it clear that they are just as invested in our success as our own team

Joe Sherman

Le Pain Quotidien