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Limited Service

The 20/20 Data Analytics Platform For Limited-Service Restaurants

Limited Service Restaurants, or LSRs, encompass establishments from fast food to fast casual to a snack bar at the local gym or airport.  What all of these types of restaurants have in common is that speed of service and cost reduction are the key to a thriving business.  In an industry with so many players, you need to be the best in the field to maintain your competitive edge. Quick Service restaurant owners need to optimize things like staffing, and kitchen times while monitoring promotion execution, average wait times, and drive-thru times while continuing to run your business.
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The 20/20 Data Analytics Platform takes restaurant data and processes it on a daily basis to find events and patterns and deliver actionable insights in the form of prescriptive alerts, visual dashboards, and drill-down reporting.  Rather than requiring a team of individuals to mine through long lists of orders to find single events, 20/20 aggregates all of your data in one place so that you can view the company, store, employee, and menu item performance at a glance simply by logging in.
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Use Case - Adding Visibility to Multiconcept Restaurant Operations

Juggling multiple brands and concepts can offer a great opportunity for growth and the potential to reach new markets, but it can also cause a plethora of organizational issues. Brands can differ tremendously in how they operate and the technologies utilized. The ability to tie these disparate technologies together allows leaders to gain a wholistic view of organizational performance across multiple brands and concepts.

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Chain Wide

LSR Operations

Ensure that your restaurants and employees are performing as efficiently as possible by monitoring their sales productivity.  20/20 Restaurant monitors sales performance metrics like average check time and upselling of menu items, and restaurant efficiency metrics like kitchen prep time.  This information is available on dashboards as opportunities, visible through many report visualizations, and exceptions can automatically alert appropriate parties with a prescriptive alert with a pre-approved action plan.


  • Monitor labor efficiencies like the speed of service, prep time, & drive-thru time
  • Compare the sales productivity of menu items, locations, and employees
  • Track employee performance and identify opportunities for rewards, advancement, or further training
Data Security

LSR Loss Prevention

LSR loss prevention teams drive awareness and reduce losses attributed to employee fraud and operational shrink.  20/20's LSR loss prevention functionality helps your LP teams bring hidden sources of profit loss to light through analysis of common retail fraud schemes, training processes, and procedural issues that can be improved upon.  Anything identified by 20/20 to be suspicious or warrant attention is then available as a closed loop workflow so that you can ensure that your restaurant managers are following through on the flagged issues.


  • Identify and control line voids, keyed items, manager voids, & coupons
  • Set alerts on voids in cash transactions, or excessive manager meals
  • Easily identify single item transactions (SITs) & low-value checks
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LSR Marketing & Promotions

Gain key insights into the promotional effectiveness of marketing efforts.  Analyze historical data to determine the best performing promotions and use this information to shape future campaigns.  Quickly compare marketing and promotional cost to margin impact to ensure that efforts are driving total profitability, not just unit sales.


  • Determine the effectiveness of a giveaway, BOGO, or discount
  • Monitor promotion spend to identify abuse or misuse
  • Test and measure promotions in key areas to optimize before rolling out to the enterprise

LSR Reporting & Finance

Easily rank locations by financial performance and compare actual expenditures to planned budgets.  Reports can easily be created to monitor trends, create relationships between any integrated data sources, or help stay compliant with changing regulatory requirements.  Create, edit, and view reports with 20/20's easy to use drag-and-drop, click to drill design.


  • Quickly compare food costs to sales
  • Stay compliant with ever-changing governmental and franchise reporting requirements
  • Save time by limiting manual data entry requirements without sacrificing transparency
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