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Introducing the All-New Agilence Modules

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eCommerce Module

If you're only analyzing your in-store POS, you're not getting the full picture. Websites and mobile apps likely generate a large and ever-growing percentage of your sales and opportunities. To get a complete view of your sales, customers, and supply chain, you need access to all your data within a single analytics platform.

The eCommerce Module provides deep insights into e-commerce sales, returns, and customer behaviors, highlighting key metrics such as average basket sizes and Sales Reducing Activities (SRAs) for each store. It also offers a detailed look into specific e-commerce operations like order conversions, no-cost sales, and special promotions. You can also analyze shipping patterns to identify areas of concern, improving delivery and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Module

Inventory analysis is more than just tracking incoming and outgoing products. While simply tracking inventory movement can identify shrink after the fact, a deeper analysis can help anticipate and prevent issues, identify stagnant inventory, and optimize your stocked products. 

The Inventory Module redefines the way retailers address stock management and risk analysis, offering a comprehensive approach to risk identification by merging inventory shrink data seamlessly with POS information. The Module provides insight into On Hand levels and periodic adjustments, inventory buildup, lack of replenishment, and more, enabling retailers to proactively detect potential inventory discrepancies and internal theft, while gaining deeper insights into individual store performance.

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Direct Store Delivery Module

Being able to unlock the revenue trapped in your vendor supply chain is crucial. No longer can you run a retail operation on second-guesses or hunches. Instead, keep your vendors accountable and improve logistical efficiency with data-driven insights.

The Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Module is specifically designed to provide visibility into vendor activity. The DSD Module complements POS data, allowing for analysis of delivery patterns, identification of invoice discrepancies, and tracking of vendor credits.

Scale Production Module

Grocery retailers want every advantage when it comes to maximizing sales. This includes understanding where they may be underproducing product and unable to meet demand, as well as overproducing, leading to perishable shrink.

The Scale Production Module helps you analyze data from electronic scales alongside your POS data to optimize inventory, production schedules, and scale accuracy. Cross-store comparisons also offer opportunities for increased sales.

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It made sense to leverage our transaction-rich data from our POS system with Agilence's data analytics platform. We now have a seamless integration between both technologies.
Robert Notte Avatar
Robert Notte
VP of Technology
Agilence helped our team to become more efficient and profitable. We couldn't be happier with Agilence and the expertise of the Agilence team.
Kim Auman-Fanning Avatar
Kim Auman-Fanning
Director of Loss Prevention
The Agilence team is simply the best. They are always willing to help and share their knowledge.
Jennifer Zervas Avatar
Jennifer Zervas
Loss Prevention Manager
Agilence has by far been the best vendor I have worked with in my career. We've accomplished a lot together and had a lot of fun doing it.
Matt Hutchinson Avatar
Matt Hutchinson
Asset and Revenue Management Manager
Our team became far more efficient at identifying and correcting issues. Agilence allows us to focus on root causes of loss, not just individual cases.
Mike Gulli Avatar
Mike Gulli
Head of Asset Protection Analytics

Goodbye, shrink. Hello, profits.

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