Agilence Modules.

Expanded Functionality

eCommerce Module

If you're only analyzing your in-store POS, you're not getting the full picture.  Websites and mobile apps likely generate a large percentage of your sales and opportunities. 

To get a complete view of your sales, customers, and supply chain, you need access to all your data within a single analytics platform.    


eCommerce Datasheet


Direct Store Delivery Module

In the world of retail, being able to unlock the revenue trapped in your vendor supply chain is crucial. No longer can you run a retail operation on second-guesses or hunches. Instead, keep your vendors accountable and improve logistics efficiency with data-driven insights.

Agilence’s Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Module provides you with a new lens to focus your supplier data and enhance your overall Agilence experience. Our DSD Module is designed to support retailers as they usher in a new era of improved supply chain collaboration.

DSD Dashsheet


Perishable Production Management Module

Profitability in grocery has always been razor-thin and grocery retailers need every advantage they can gain in order to maximize their sales and margins.

The Perishable Production Management module from Agilence adds data from production management systems to help grocers understand where they may be underproducing product and unable to meet demand, as well as overproducing which can lead to perishable shrink.

Perishable Production Management Datasheet


Retail and Grocery Third-Party Delivery Module

E-commerce and delivery platforms like Instacart and Bringg have seen their overall footprint within the grocery and retail industries skyrocket in recent years. While more consumers move to purchasing products this way, brands are being left to decifer how best to optimize this emerging channel.

The Retail and Grocery Third-Party Delivery Module from Agilence adds unprecedented visibility to Instacart data helping retailers better understand the impacts and potential opportunities of this new delivery model.

3rd Party Delivery Datasheet

instacart-costing-profits (1)

Labor Module

Labor is one of your most expensive costs.  But you rely on people to keep your business running.  Visibility and controls over your operations will prevent issues like overscheduling, understaffing, and compliance neglect.  

Are employees following company policy on clock-in/out times?  Are managers ensuring they are adhering to state labor laws for required breaks, age restrictions, and overtime?  Knowing the answers will help you save. 

Labor Datasheet

Coupons and Promotions Module

Discounts, coupons, and promotions are a compelling way to attract buyers and increase their overall spend or “basket size”. They help boost sales of slow-selling items and/or high-priced itemsincent trying of new products, reward loyal customers, and can be targeted for specific locations, seasons, or individuals. If not monitored carefully, however, they can also lead to significant margin erosion.

Agilence's Coupons and Promotions Module allows users to analyze data from coupon and promotional programs helps focus on areas that maximize profits while detecting and minimizing loss associated with potentially fraudulent activity.  

Coupons & Promotions Datasheet

Loyalty Module

Dedicated loyalty programs are key to improving customer lifetime value and retention. Whether you’re catering to their buying preferences, rewarding repeat customers, or uncovering better ways to conduct promotions, loyalty programs offer your business a wealth of information about your customers and their buying habits. Analyzing data collected from your loyalty management system lets you offer more personalized experiences, rewards, and product offerings.

Agilence's Loyalty Module provides the ability to analyze valuable customer behavior data stored in your loyalty management system alongside your POS transactions, uncovering numerous opportunities to improve profitability.

Loyalty Program Datasheet
loyalty-module (1)

Alarm and Access Control Module

Alarm and Access Control data can be a valuable asset to both loss prevention and
operations teams. However, this data is not commonly integrated into other data platforms.  These systems can generate so much noise that they are often ignored but can provide valuable insight into a store’s operations.

Agilence's Alarm and Access Control Module allows users to spot problem stores, problem systems, and even determine whether store managers and employees are following company policies by bringing alarm and access control data into Agilence alongside your POS transaction data.

Alarm & Access Control Datasheet
Retail Store front

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What our clients say ...

Very rarely have we encountered a vendor who met all deliverables and expectations on time and as expected.  Agilence will give our team insights into day-to-day operations allowing us to identify real opportunities for success.  This is what we've been missing and it's incredibly refreshing to work with a company that is actually there for us.

Joanne Yoder

Brumit Restaurant Group

It’s so simple to use and so easy to drill down to the detail level in a café, that other departments like marketing have begun to think of creative ways to use Agilence.

Jeff Levitt

Panera Bread

Agilence is dynamic enough to analyze our vast amounts of data, yet flexible enough to integrate with our different POS terminals.  As we continue to grow, Agilence will help us become more efficient, allowing us to focus on strategy.

Matt Hutchinson


Agilence is dynamic enough to analyze our vast amounts of data, yet flexible enough to integrate with our different POS terminals.  As we continue to grow, Agilence will help us become more efficient, allowing us to focus on strategy.

Matt Larson


We were happy using a competitive product, but when we first met the Agilence team they made us feel like family, which is something we’ve never experienced from a vendor before.

Charlotte Ayers


Our team became far more efficient at identifying and correcting issues.  Agilence allows us to focus on resolving root causes of loss, not just individual cases.

Mike Gulli

Price Chopper