Agilence Case Management

End-to-end Incident and Investigation Management

Manage Incidents, Investigations, and Accidents

A must-have for loss prevention and asset protection, Agilence Case Management lets you track, document, and analyze all the details surrounding your investigations.  Now you can streamline, simplify, and speed up incident investigations and accident inquiries.   

Known for designing secure, easy-to-operate loss prevention solutions, Agilence Case Management is no different. It’s user-friendly, configurable, and reliable.  Coupled with Agilence Analytics, you'll have a comprehensive solution that covers all your investigative needsfrom case initiation to closure and analysis.

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 Intuitive and Powerful Case Management


Reduce Complexity

  • Capture and create cases in seconds
  • Make complex investigations smoother with easily accessible documentation
  • Link cases and identify connections between incidents and investigations

Centralize Data

  • Keep evidence, whether it’s in video, photo, or written form, all in one place
  • Easily expand investigation scope, see ORC cases more clearly, and close larger and more comprehensive cases

Communicate Clearly

  • Quickly share your case information with local law enforcement
  • Make it easy and fast to report your close rates and time-to-close averages to your leadership team

Configure And Analyze

  • Complete flexibility on how you view, input, and organize your cases
  • Visualize, compare, and identify suspicious trends, patterns, and behaviors  



Provide Direction

  • Guide your staff through the process of documenting the appropriate information and close cases faster
  • Assign tasks to team members for easier collaboration and faster case resolution


Prevent Delays

  • View and manage your cases on the go so delays are minimized
  • Increase your close rates while minimizing time spent consolidating data


Product Highlights


  • Analyze case data in reports and dashboards that let you see the big picture
  • Create new cases or search for and add to existing ones within Agilence Analytics
  • Compare incidents by time of day, day of week, and see trends over weeks, months, or years
  • Assign due dates to tasks and subtasks and track hours spent on different cases
  • Visualize upcoming due dates by calendar and timeline to focus activities 
  • Personalize and organize how you view and track your case data



  • View a complete history of every case with time stamps that give you a solid audit trail
  • Keep an eye on specific cases in a Watch List
  • Create, customize, and share dashboards without vendor intervention
  • Link cases and evidence for better collaboration
  • Make detailed notes and easily attach supporting files
  • Assign tasks to your team, track their progress, and work together with ease
  • Send and review video snippets of incidents
  • Access and manage your cases from your computer or mobile device

Agilence Case Management Overview

A must-have for loss prevention and asset protection, Agilence Case Management lets you track, document, and analyze all the details surrounding your investigations.

Now you can streamline, simplify, and speed up incident investigations and accident inquiries.

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Why Agilence Case Management? 

Agilence provides the tools and resources you need to combat loss in all its forms across the enterprise. Agilence helps your teams gain visibility into patterns of activity through incident tracking, root cause analysis, and centralized case and incident management.  Our solution provides visualizations, audit logs, and collaboration for you to access real-time insights into incidents across your stores and restaurants. 


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Agilence is the only vendor that could give us both a powerful solution that helps us easily identify and resolve problems, and a quality support team to help us every step of the way

Scott Myers

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Agilence has by far been the best vendor partner I have worked with in my career.  We’ve accomplished a lot together and had a lot of fun doing it.

Matt Hutchinson


The Agilence team is simply the best.  They are always willing to help and share their knowledge.

Jennifer Zervas

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It’s nice to know that we have a technology partner that is listening to us and wants to improve their product, so we can continue improving our business

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Agilence helped our team to become more efficient and profitable. We couldn't be happier with Agilence and the expertise of their team

Kim Auman-Fanning

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