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A Fresh Perspective on Loss Prevention

Your customers’ shopping experiences and expectations are constantly evolving. Today’s customers want on-shelf availability for the products they desire, websites and apps showing always-accurate product information, and excellent service and safety—both in person and online.

With data streaming in from multiple channels, staffing scarcities, and little time available to examine operational processes, you need an analytics solution that helps uncover opportunities to operate intelligently and maximize profits.

As the leading provider of loss prevention analytics for the retail, grocery, and restaurant industries, Agilence goes beyond traditional theft and fraud to reduce shrink and improve margins across your business. We integrate all types of data—sales, customer, online, product, and more—to deliver insights that drive operational performance.

Our customers save millions of dollars every year with the Agilence Analytics Platform. With our deep domain expertise and actionable analytics, you’ll see measurable results quickly.




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Dashboards & Reports

See business performance at a glance with interactive visualization, KPIs, and exception-based reports.
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Detailed Analysis

Use queries, filters, drilling, and visuals that are simple to use while still answering
complex questions. 
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Monitor key business operations and automatically send prescriptive alerts with detailed action plans to quickly resolve issues. 
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Forecasts & Predictions

Use machine learning to forecast and predict future high-risk returns, voided transactions, fraud, and more. 
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Data 'N Analytics (DNA) Scores

Track store and employee risk and
performance with tailored,
statistics-based scoring.
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Custom Grouping

Combine unrelated data elements to uncover patterns and relationships that were previously difficult to see.  
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Data Integrations

Integrate over 200 data sources - POS, eCommerce, loyalty, HR, store, product, inventory, financial, alarm, IoT, and others. 
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Video Feeds

Include video from 20+ vendors to synch your video footage with POS data for easy comparison and review. 
saas loss prevention cloud

SaaS Hosted

Access your data from anywhere - on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer - and be confident your information is safe. 









Ensure excellent customer experience both online and in brick & mortar stores.  
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Loyalty Programs

Analyze buying behaviors to improve customer lifetime value and satisfaction.  

Direct Store Delivery

Compare vendors, detect irregular patterns, keep abreast of inventory builds.
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Gain visibility into your store operations to prevent overscheduling and understaffing. 

Promotion & Coupons

Determine where your programs are effective, detect fraud, and increase profitability.
perishable production management

Perishable Production Management

 Reduce perishable shrink while still meeting customer demands. 


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Find out how to make the most of 3rd party delivery platforms. 
Retail Store front

Alarm & Access Control

Monitor the comings and goings of your stores and ensure policies are followed.

Speed of Service

Optimize staffing to ensure a positive customer experience and maximized sales. 


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Industry Blogs

Stay up to date on conversations happening in LP and your industry. 
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Partner Ecosystem

Harness our partner community to make the most of your investment. 
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Customer Success

We want you to succeed.  We're here to help guide you with industry expertise and technical know-how. 

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What our clients say ...

People were really impressed with the advanced capabilities of Agilence compared to our previous system.

Damon Cavasin


It's nice to know that we have a technology partner that is listening to us and wants to improve their product, so we can continue improving our business.

Byron Coleman


It's so simple to use and so easy to drill down to the detail level in a café, that other departments like marketing have begun to think of creative ways to use Agilence.

Jeff Levitt

Panera Bread

It made a lot of sense to leverage our transaction-rich data originating in our POS system with Agilence's data analytics platform.  We reached out to both companies and were happy that they were able to create a seamless integration between both technologies.

Robert Notte

Mod Pizza