Companies achieve, on average, 33x ROI using Agilence Read the report!
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Industry Leaders Consistently Rave About the ROI They’ve Achieved With Agilence

Agilence recently partnered with Drive Research to interview senior management from 10 of our customers, representing 9,385 locations, to find out the true ROI of our signature platform and document our proven results. 

Highlights from across these ten groceries, restaurants, and retailers include: 

  • Overall ROI for all customers was 103% to 8127%. 
  • 4 in 10 customers surpassed a 50x return 
  • The average ROI per location was $400 to $26,000 
  • The average daily ROI was $248 to $53,424 
  • The payback period ranged from 4.5 days to 354 days, with 40% hitting the payback target within 1 week. 

Companies Achieve, on Average, 33X ROI Using Agilence

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