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Who We Are

About the Agilence Team

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Our Story

Agilence is the leader in data analytics and reporting in the retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience, and pharmacy industries. We develop intelligent data analytics and reporting technology that enables organizations to easily connect the dots within their stores or restaurants by automatically collecting and summarizing data to identify anomalies and trends that can improve operations, measure enterprise-wide performance, and boost profits.

Agilence provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster and improving efficiency across the enterprise.

Company Values

Integrity & Honesty

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical behavior level and tell the truth.

Commitment to Customers

We put customers first. We only win when they win.


We treat others the way we want to be treated. We assume positive intent.


We are a community in a collective effort to achieve common goals. We practice inclusion and support each other.


We are open to all ideas. We over-communicate and don’t withhold. We practice and encourage candor up and down the chain.

Bias Toward Action and Innovation

We try, learn, optimize and try again. When in doubt, we do.

Data Driven

Facts are our friends. We focus on what matters and seek more data to improve.

Accountability & Responsibility

We embrace opportunities to contribute. We are willing to try and fail and not give up. We finish what we start.

Have Fun

We look for ways to have fun, celebrate wins, and share happiness.

Meet the Team

Rebecca_small-JPG Rebecca Alt
Arthur Arthur Alt
Ariel Ariel Alt
Jeremy Jeremy Alt
Carl Carl Alt
John John Alt
Lindsay Lindsay Alt
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Matt Matt Alt
Bruce Ka Bruce Ka Alt
Bruce Kr Bruce Kr Alt
Keneavy-1_small-jpg Keneavy Alt
Brian L Brian L Alt
Lauren Lauran Alt
Rose-1 Rose Alt
Doug M Doug M Alt
Murph_small-jpg Murph Alt
Mitch Mitch Alt
Joanna-1 Joanna Alt
Alan Alan Alt
Ole Ole Alt
Alek Alek Alt
Tim Tim Alt
Rob Rob Alt
George George Alt
Dakota Dakota Alt
Greg W Greg W Alt
Oliver Oliver Alt
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