Data Analytics and Reporting for Restaurant Operators

20/20 Restaurant

Decoding your Restaurant Data

Part of the 20/20 Data Analytics platform, 20/20 Restaurant is a data analytics and reporting solution that helps restaurant operators by connecting the dots within their business.  20/20 automatically collects and analyzes data to identify anomalies and trends that can improve operations and efficiency.  This flexible and user-friendly solution provides users at every level of the organization with a complete view of the business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster and improving margins across the multi-unit restaurant chain.


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Some of our awesome features ...

Users and Roles

Personalization of the Application

Using familiar icons such as favorites, snapshots, and a global search bar, the user can intuitively navigate a product that feels custom built for their preferences.  Reports, queries, and alerts can be organized and tailored to each individual user without impacting any core settings.

A Powerful Yet Simple Query Engine

Our cutting-edge query builder makes it simple to create an advanced search related to checks, items, staff & even customers. Best of all, these powerful queries can be created, without vendor help, within minutes – not hours.  Using drag-and-drop functionality, users can build queries as simple or complex as desired containing operators such as AND, OR, NOT, FOLLOWED BY, CONTAINING, etc. without SQL knowledge or having to wait in an IT queue.
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An Intuitive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Builder

KPIs measure your data against a benchmark or other data elements while normalizing data across your restaurant locations.  Drag and drop measures into the builder and utilize built-in logical functions to easily set and track KPIs.  Index reports let you combine your most important restaurant operations metrics (sales, food costs, items per seat, etc.) and display them as a weighted average based on your corporate KPIs.

Easily Interpreted Data Visualizations

Data can easily be presented and understood with visualization reporting tools. Use line charts to spot trends over time, bar charts to compare one data element to another, or pie charts to spot the biggest problem in your restaurant locations.  
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Turning Insights into Action

Your managers need time to actually manage, which is why 20/20 also offers prescriptive alerts with closed-loop workflows. These prescriptive alerts ensure that you and your team stay informed of the most important events happening throughout your business as they occur.  

Automatically notify relevant parties directly to their smartphone or tablet inbox when user-defined criteria is met and the email alert is triggered.  Included in these alerts is a customizable closed-loop workflow to ensure that events are dealt with appropriately.  End-user compliance can be broken down into step-by-step documentation on how best to resolve the issue at hand.

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