Data Analytics and Reporting for Pharmacies

20/20 Rx

Decoding your Pharmacy Data

Part of the 20/20 Data Analytics platform, 20/20 Rx™ makes it easier than ever to identify drug diversions, ensure compliance with federal and state standards, and eliminate unexpected loss within your pharmacy business. 20/20 Rx provides insights into script events by store, patient, doctor, drug, employee, and more. Each event also includes all related inventory events for the pharmacy in order to identify drug loss and diversion.
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Some of our awesome features ...


Monitor High-Risk Prescribers, Drugs, Patients, and Employees

Agilence’s Predictive Risk Scores (PRS)™ provide visual insight into potential pharmacy risk factors. By leveraging industry regulations & your own business benchmarks, 20/20 Rx provides you with advanced warning on potential issues related to prescribers, drugs, patients, employees, stores and more.

Detect, Prevent, and Respond to Drug Diversion

Relying on manual processes to identify and prevent drug diversion tends to leave cases completely undetected or unreported. 20/20 Rx helps automate your diversion programs by analyzing script anomalies such as cash scripts, label reprints, manually sold scripts, and missing will call combined with abnormal cycle counts and manual adjustments, to ensure instant visibility if a suspicious pattern arises.

Meet and Exceed State and Federal Regulatory Complaince

20/20 Rx automatically monitors all of your prescription data and compares it against DEA, state & supplier standards to alert you to over-prescribing doctors, drug abusing patients & potentially unethical pharmacists so that action can be taken.

Avoid Physical and Financial Shrink

Analyze how your pharmacies are handling federally-funded prescriptions and insurance submittals to ensure that you avoid undue labor, chargebacks, and significant fines. Additionally, leverage your data to reduce will call days and to keep inventory as accurate as possible.
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Turning Insights into Action

Your managers need time to actually manage, which is why 20/20 also offers prescriptive alerts with closed-loop workflows. These prescriptive alerts ensure that you and your team stay informed of the most important events happening throughout your business as they occur.  

Automatically notify relevant parties directly to their smartphone or tablet inbox when user-defined criteria is met and the email alert is triggered.  Included in these alerts is a customizable closed-loop workflow to ensure that events are dealt with appropriately.  End-user compliance can be broken down into step-by-step documentation on how best to resolve the issue at hand.

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