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Data-driven businesses use data analytics and reporting to monitor and investigate various parts of their business – sales, marketing, operations, and more will likely rely on this type of tool to transform data into insights.  Ideally, these insights can be gathered without draining IT resources by managing databases, building ad-hoc reports, or fulfilling integration requests.

Agilence helps organizations achieve business goals by providing actionable insights while also lightening IT's workload and freeing up resources to work on other priorities.

Data Analytics for IT


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An intuitive drag-and-drop UI empowers users to create complex reports & queries and receive prescriptive alerts without burdening internal IT resources or needing prior SQL knowledge.

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U.S.-based customer support that provides in-depth product training & application support if problems arise.  Learn from and collaborate with an active community of users to resolve issues and improve operations.

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Speed time-to-value with the support of our Professional Services team who will ensure that all data integration and mapping is accurate and all end-users are properly trained.

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Set unlimited hierarchies based on geography, management structure, position, responsibilities, and more to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need without raising security concerns.

Some Real Results...

You need to be able to track your department’s hardware, software, and staffing costs, forecast future budgets, and manage maintenance schedules.  From maintaining technical equipment to keeping up with ever-evolving technology tools and trends, you have a lot on your plate.  Do more with the resources you have by giving decision-makers throughout the organization access to the data and tools they need to develop deep insight and stay on top of KPIs.

See how Agilence can deliver key insights to decision-makers while freeing up IT resources in these four examples:

Five Below required a data analytics solution built for Asset Protection, Sales Audit and Store Operations. One that could provide actionable insights to the field team, remove the burden of report creation and distribution from IT, provide meaningful results to other departments within the organization, and, most of all, one that would be scalable
and could grow with the company.
Agilence’s intuitive user interface nearly eliminated the need for IT involvement, freeing the IT department to focus on growth and core activities. Along with this, the ability of Agilence to integrate with any data source has allowed departments like operations, merchandising, and finance to gain valuable insights from the application.

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Metrics like Average Check Duration, Upsell Percentage, Sales Tender Breakdown, Server Experience, and more are all located on a single Operations Dashboard and auto emailed daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to both Operations and Loss Prevention Analysts. This data can be used to identify fraudulent behaviors, training or performance issues, inefficiencies, and other key insights across the enterprise.

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Byron Coleman, Director of Loss Prevention at Kirkland’s, was new to the company and tasked with taking the Tennessee-based retailer’s loss prevention efforts to the next level but to accomplish this quickly, he knew they required an evolved reporting tool. “We were still using manual processes to identify loss and track how much time was burnt on non-selling activities. Everything felt like it was handled at the store level and I knew a “big data” solution could help everyone at corporate see the full picture,” said Coleman. With his goal in mind, Coleman decided to lay the groundwork for this analytics investment by first consulting his counterparts in the IT Department. “IT was a real ally to us. They understood the true value of big data plus it was an easy sell once they learned that Agilence just consumed the raw TLOG data without any additional work on their end,” remarked Coleman.

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For Price Chopper’s Asset Protection Department to continue to evolve and advance their efforts, they required a data
analytics solution that could easily grow and adapt with them, allow their IT team to focus on core organizational tasks, and most of all improve their department’s efficiency and performance. The search led Price Chopper to  Agilence. Agilence ticked all of the boxes and even provided functionality that went beyond their expectations. When it came to the Asset Protection team’s use of the application, not only did Agilence help them become more efficient in their daily tasks, but it did the legwork of the analytics for them, eliminating the need to manually assess data and allowing the team to focus on solutions and results.
Agilence also greatly reduced the IT team’s support efforts by allowing Asset Protection to easily create and distribute complex reports and queries on their own using the built-in drag-and-drop builder, as well as easing the burden of maintaining critical infrastructure to run the application thanks to Agilence’s SaaS deployment method.

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Agilence for IT

Why Agilence?

Agilence is easy to integrate, implement, and upgrade.  It empowers end-users throughout the business to become self-sufficient with powerful yet easy-to-use data analytics and reporting functionality.  All of this can be used to free IT resources to focus on other tasks.

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