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Retail Store and Employee Operations

Years of digital transformation and an ever-expanding omnichannel landscape have made overseeing multi-store operations more complex than ever. Increases in customer conveniences have unintentionally introduced margin leaks. An analytics platform designed for operations and loss prevention (LP) gives you visibility into retail store operations and maximizes productivity for measurable business impact.

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Get a grip on the omnichannel

Exceed customer expectations while taking control of your operations. Get up to speed with the changing responsibilities of retail store operators. Keep your KPIs front and center. Use data insights to preserve customer satisfaction without losing site of what’s happening across your stores.

Stop your leaking margins

Get a complete picture of all your stores’ operations. Dig into your promotions, discounts, pricing, and more. Plug the leaks and get back to being profitable.

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Increase upsell opportunities

Analyze purchasing behaviors and grow basket size. Amp up the performance of your loyalty programs by building promotions that lift category sales. Drive up in-store sales with your BOPIS and BORIS customers. Identify underperforming and high achieving stores.

Maximize labor performance

Make the most of your limited labor force. Get the back office and district managers in synch and performing optimally. Eliminate time spent reading countless reports. Identify problems quickly and find solutions faster than ever.

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Measure success for LP & Operations

Prevent and reduce shrink across your business by becoming an analytics evangelist. Increase compliance of line voids, price overrides, and discounting. Take control of inventory discrepancies, not-on-files, and out-of-stocks. Most importantly - measure your success.

Solve your data problem

Move away from spreadsheets and consolidate your KPIs. Centralize and analyze POS transactions, product inventory, and labor costs. Maximize promotions and loyalty programs. Act quickly when issues arise.

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Goodbye, shrink. Hello, profits.

See how we help companies reduce shrink and improve margins by reducing preventable loss with data & analytics.