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20/20 Grocery

Decoding your Grocery Data

Part of the 20/20 Data Analytics platform, 20/20 Grocery is a data analytics and reporting solution that helps grocers to easily connect the dots within their stores.  20/20 automatically collects and analyzes grocery data to identify anomalies and trends that can improve operations and reduce waste.  This flexible and user-friendly solution provides users at every level of the grocery enterprise with a complete view of the business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster and improving performance and profit margins across the enterprise.


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Some of our awesome features ...


Drag-and-Drop & Click-to-Drill Reporting

Explore overall chain performance based on the key metrics you want to track or specific store actions such as sales and promotion management and profit improvement.  Reports can be created with a user-friendly drag-and-drop user interface to organize mission-critical data with interactive grid & graph layouts.  Click-to-drill functionality means that you can move from an enterprise-wide report all the way down to a particular location, line-item, or transaction with just a few clicks.
Video Integration

Best in Class Video Integration

Gain real-time access to transactions with video linkage.  Incoming video streams are tied to the item level of a receipt so that users can validate anomalies, training issues, and more instantly with the corresponding video of each event.
Hierarchies and Widgets

Limitless Classification Hierarchies

Create unlimited hierarchies based on geography, volume, risk level, management, product type, SKU, category, and more.  Hierarchies can also be used to set permissions throughout the application to ensure that users only see the information you want them to see, allowing them to cut through the clutter and focus on their own region, district, or store.

Visual Dashboards for Instant Visibility

Quickly view and interpret critical data such as average basket size and items commonly purchased together with personalized visual dashboards.  Easily create and assign specialized dashboards for specific roles or departments by adding reports or opportunity widgets to highlight critical metrics.
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Turning Insights into Action

Your managers need time to actually manage, which is why 20/20 also offers prescriptive alerts with closed-loop workflows. These prescriptive alerts ensure that you and your team stay informed of the most important events happening throughout your business as they occur.  

Automatically notify relevant parties directly to their smartphone or tablet inbox when user-defined criteria is met and the email alert is triggered.  Included in these alerts is a customizable closed-loop workflow to ensure that events are dealt with appropriately.  End-user compliance can be broken down into step-by-step documentation on how best to resolve the issue at hand.

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