Cloud Deployment

Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time


Cloud-based computing allows users to access software applications that run on shared computing resources (for example, processing power, memory, and disk storage) via the internet.  These computing resources are maintained in remote data centers dedicated to hosting various applications on multiple platforms.  The 20/20 Data Analytics Platform was built with the cloud in mind and takes full advantage of cloud technologies.

Often, cloud-based applications, including the 20/20 Data Analytics Platform, are offered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) distribution model.  SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.  Sometimes referred to as “On-demand Software,” cloud-based SaaS applications like 20/20 offer users advanced mobility, flexibility and agility, and data security through the utilization of modern technologies.


Advanced Mobility

Embracing modern technologies and empowering enterprise mobility, 20/20’s cloud deployment allows professionals to stay connected to their business data for streamlined communications, collaborations, and decision-making.  On-the-go users can access dashboards, reports, customer records, promotional data, receive alerts, and make queries from their preferred internet-connected device.

Flexibility and Agility

With flexible integrations, 20/20 Data Analytics can automate everything from data discovery to data reporting to deliver actionable insights and measurably improve enterprise-wide decision-making.  Quickly make on-the-go changes to reports, update dashboards, analyze new data sources, and set up automated alerts with action-plans.

Data Security

Agilence takes the responsibility of defending your data very seriously.  20/20’s cloud deployment offers a range of data security protocols and features.  Deliver high-performance analytics through multi-tiered caching, data encryption, data segregation, security patches, and regulatory compliance.  When it comes to data security, 20/20 delivers tactical data security management.


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