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Agilence customers get an average of 3,318% ROI.

Drive Research conducted an ROI analysis to reveal how organizations utilize Agilence to improve loss prevention operations.

Read the full report "Understanding the ROI of the Agilence Platform" by Drive Research.

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Reduce Shrink and Improve Margins

Agilence has helped hundreds of retailers, restaurant operators, and grocers to increase their profit margins by reducing preventable loss across the business.  

We specialize in uniting digital and physical transactions to help cutting-edge loss prevention and asset protection teams look beyond traditional theft and fraud to tackle preventable loss in all its forms – in the store, online, and at the corporate office.

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Turn Loss Prevention into Profitability

Agilence combines the power of exception-based reporting,  analytics, and machine learning to help loss prevention, asset protection, and operations teams maximize their impact on the profitability of the business.

Analyze multichannel sales data to pinpoint specific items, transactions, locations, customers, and employees that put your organization at risk. Then automatically send alerts to the field with prescriptive action plans to ensure that every issue is addressed appropriately.

In addition to identifying instances of theft and fraud, our customers have:

- improved employee and customer safety
- identified training opportunities
- improved customer experiences
- increased promotional success
- and eliminated productivity gaps

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See how our analytics platform brings hidden sources of profit loss to light through analysis of common fraud schemes, training processes, and procedural issues.

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