Retail 20/20 is now fully integrated with the exacqVision VMS.  Customers who have deployed exacqVision can take advantage of a seamless integration between the two products.  This integration ensures that video stored within the exacqVision VMS is readily available and searchable directly within the Retail 20/20 web client.

The integration allows users of Retail 20/20 to directly control the playback of video right from the application.  Users can:

  • see individual images associated with each line item in the transaction
  • play video from any point within a transaction
  • step forward and backward frame by frame
  • jump to a given date/time
  • fast forward and fast rewind

In addition, users are able to export individual transactions with associated video directly within the application or send the transaction and synchronized video to a third-party case management solution.

exacqvision and Retail 20/20

Retail 20/20 Cloud-Based Exception Reporting and exacqVision VMS